Warm days, Cool Nights and Suds…….for your car that is

In all seriousness,

Everyone seems ready to kick back and relax in this beautiful Spring weather. This is also the perfect time to show your car the love. That’s right! Take your relationship to the next level and give it a gift.

I know. You are thinking “But the relationship is so new and I’m just beginning to commit.”  That’s OK. I’m here to help.  I know what will impress your car (and all the onlookers). Suds! No, not the cold ones you drink. I mean the ones that come from soap and water. Think – SPA DAY for the 2 of you. The best part is you get to decide how extravagant you want to be. Do-it-yourself? Or go full Professional Detail package?

There are many benefits to a good spa day for your car and there is no time like the present. Not only does it help to make your car look shiny and new, it’s much needed to get the grit and grime of Winter off of it. The road conditions in Winter can be unfriendly – even harsh at times – which means the snow, ice and salt make a perfect recipe for rust. 

Sure, the April showers will help the flowers and help your car a bit, but it should really be a thorough cleaning including those hard to reach cracks and crevasses that the grit has settled into over the last 4-6 months.

Your spa package should include:

  1. Pre-soak & rinse – this is for you go getters out there & nice to do at the change of each season but you may decide not to at all. Some of the dirt will be visible, some hidden but it must all go.
  2. Exterior shine – use the best products and equipment you can afford. Any dirt caked on the outside should be eliminated by using a soft foam designed for the task. An underbody spray will also help get rid of any dirt and debris lurking beneath your car which can quickly develop into rust and corrosion. Don’t forget the tires and wheel wells. The soap used will target any remaining dirt in those hidden nooks that are hardest to clean.  Follow up with a fresh/clean water rinse to clean away soap build up and grime.
  3. Wax On, Wax Off – this step isn’t just for the enthusiasts. Sure it makes your car look like it just drove off the lot but it does serve to protect the paint from scratches, scrapes and the beating sun rays. This in turn will help with resale value if you decide to break off the relationship.
  4. Interior Cleaning – remember this is where you spend a lot of time so spiffy it up. A thorough vacuuming of the floor and seats, spot removal and don’t forget the grungy floor mats! Why not get a little crazy too and go all out? Treat yourself and car to an air freshener!

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