Tempting Fate?

It’s 3:30pm and project deadline is 5pm, anyone else would need 4 hours to pull it together but there’s still 90 minutes. To you, that just means 85 minutes more for procrastinating until you need to both start and finish, right?

You are not alone. A lot of people like to wait until the last minute to do things (and I’m sure everyone does it now and again). Planning, laundry, cooking and leaving for work barely scratch the list.  Who needs room for error or the unexpected to happen? It always goes the way we want it to, right? Don’t think I can hit the drive-thru, grab a breakfast sandwich/coffee, check my bags and make it through security and get on the plane in 1.5 hours? Challenge accepted!

Others may call it procrastination, we prefer: living on the edge.

For part of me living on the edge is waiting until my gas tank is on E… for a while… before I get gas. Hey, I’ve only run out of gas twice in how many years of driving? So, I feel like I’m winning with living on the edge when it comes to my car’s gas. But a little education taught me keeping my gas tank on E was damaging my car.

When you are pumping gas, it goes into a large fuel/gas tank. The tank is located in the rear, under car (underneath the back seat area). This is why the fuel door you open to pump gas is in the rear of the car. The tank has a pump that moves fuel to the front of the car so it can be injected into the engine (fuel injectors are a blog for another time). This fuel pump must be working efficiently to get gas to the front. The fuel acts like a lubricant/coolant for the hard working pump. When you run your gas tank on empty, it will cause the fuel pump to work harder to get the gas up to the engine. With less gas to cool and lubricate the pump, it may burn out.

And now you’ve gone and done it. Gas can’t get to the engine and your car won’t start. Your car will need to be towed to a shop, the fuel pump removed and a new one installed. Not a cheap job.

Now, I make sure I always have at least a 1/4 tank of gas in my car at all times.

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